Multicraft GO: Pixelmon mod Apk Download v8

Multicraft GO: Pixelmon mod

Multicraft GO: Pixelmon mod is a role playing game for Android
Google Play Store Apk Rating : 4.0
Google Play Store Apk Downloads : 500,000
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Welcome in to new adventure game for android in 2017, in which you will plunge into a new world after the apocalypse, which is build from cubes and voxel pixelmons but not zombie. Pixelmon mod craft - are you ready for a new amazing experience? Try to catch all of them
Explore the large open world – a sandbox to find a new pocket pixelmon and catch them in the pixel ball and get it to the your creatures - bag, that you can throw at them! Mystical creatures roam the planet in search of the coach - You must become him! Try it crafting and building system with new UI
The game is developed by crafting system: various pixel blocks! Kraft all that fancy enough!
Gather your team pikselmonov to go in search of forgotten treasures in abandoned mines! Find there is a lot of loot, crafting and then to build a new building!
Multicraft GO: Pixelmon mod

Download Multicraft GO: Pixelmon mod Full Apk v8


– New textures and mod game
– Story Mode , where you can learn the history of this planet
– Survival mode , hunger
– Crafting system
– Pokecraft system
– the change of night and day
– New pixelmons and their evolution
– New blocks and skins players
– Multiplayer mode
– Battle arena and pixelmons spells: increase level of your pixelmon, fighting with other players.
Multicraft GO: Pixelmon mod
Requires : Android 4.0 and up
Size : 35 mb
Version : 8
How to install:
-Download apk from Androidpureapk
-Install The apk
-Run the App
-And enjoy it

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