2 GB RAM Booster Pro(Widget) Cracked Apk Download v3.5 Paid

2 GB RAM Booster Pro(Widget) Cracked

2 GB RAM Booster Pro is a tool app for Android
Google Play Store Apk Price : $9.17
Google Play Store Apk Rating : 4.6
Google Play Store Apk Downloads : 1,000
Download Free From Androidpureapk
For low RAM phones, ie less than 2 GB or 1 GB or 500 MB, or less than 500 MB.

Most of our device needs restart after some period of time to free the RAM used by most of the applications.

Less than < 2 GB RAM Booster Pro is an app that every low RAM phones, i.e 2 GB or 1 GB or 500 MB, or less than 500 MB should have installed. I will work on 3 GB RAM devices also but 3 GB devices won't show sluggish behavior, so they don't have much need for this software. This RAM Booster goes through your android device & cleans up the system memory occupied by other apps, increases the performance of your phone or tablet, & improves the battery life up to 15%.
2 GB RAM Booster Pro(Widget) Cracked

Download Paid 2 GB RAM Booster Pro(Widget) Cracked Apk v3.5 Premium


-Many times our phones tends to hang. The only one solution we find is to restart the device.
This app kills the Background apps & free up the memory used by other applications, simply in 1 tap.
Thus, you not need to re-boot your phone !

-Unlike many other memory management apps out in the store have a very complex layers to a process which most users don't understand. This app will not give many complex power options, rather we focus on only one tap solution to speed up your android device. You just need to fire up the app & tap on boost. The software will do the rest.

-< 2 GB RAM Booster Pro can make games on your android run faster by clearing up the resource draining applications.

-No Ads !

-1 Tap Widget !

Why to use this app?

★If your phone hangs?
★If you play a heavy game that hangs?
★Most often you need to restart your device?
★If your phone gets Heat up after heavy task?
★If your RAM memory is always full?
★Battery charge problems?, etc...
◇If any of the answer is Yes this app will be your life saver !

When to use this app ?

◇When the device starts hanging,
◇Before running a heavy game,
◇Whenever you feel the need of restarting phone,
◇When battery is low.
◇Just Run Before you sleep, will save battery power.
2 GB RAM Booster Pro(Widget) Cracked
Requires : Android 2.3 and up
Size : 3 mb
Version : 3.5
How to install:
-Download apk from Androidpureapk
-Install The apk
-Run the App
-And enjoy it

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