Smart IR Remote AnyMote Pro Apk Download v4.2.2 Paid

Smart IR Remote AnyMote Pro Apk

Smart IR Remote AnyMote Pro Apk is a tool paid app for Android
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Google Play Store Apk Rating : 4.6
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Smart IR Remote is an universal smart remote control that can simulate anything that sends InfraRed remote commands, like a TV remote, Set Top Box remote, DVD remote, BluRay remote, VCR remote, Amplifier remote, Air Conditioner remote, AV Receiver remote, DSLR camera remote, etc. Better yet, combine your remotes into a smart remote (activity) so that on your custom remote you'll have the volume buttons to your surround system, the channel buttons to control your set top box and the display buttons to control your TV. It's the only Android universal tv remote that can do that, while controlling any other device too!
Smart IR Remote AnyMote Pro Apk

Smart IR Remote AnyMote Pro Apk Download v4.2.2 Paid



Swipe, tap & hold to change channels, volume, etc. - it's all configurable!


Smart Remote can now mute your TV, pause your media player, or even switch them off, all of that when your phone rings


Group commands in batches, and then execute them automatically one after the other. Imagine being able to turn your TV, Xbox and surround system on, switch TV to HDMI 1 all with a single tap!


Automatically execute commands or macros when certain conditions occur: your phone rings, at a time chosen by you, when you use your phone's Volume Buttons. It also has Tasker plugins!


With widgets, you'll have your favorite commands just a tap away when you grab your phone. Need something even better? read on


The floating remote is a remote that stays above other apps which can be shown with just a single tap and lets you send commands even while you're playing a game on your phone


Make a backup once and then restore on all your other devices


Exclusive to the HTC One due to hardware limitations in other devices
Smart IR Remote AnyMote Pro Apk

Smart IR Remote AnyMote Pro Apk Information

Requires : Android 4.0 and up
Size : 13 mb
Version : 4.2.2

How to install:

-Download apk from Androidpureapk
-Install The apk
-Run the App
-And enjoy it

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