Max Bradshaw: Zombie Invasion Apk v1.03 Latest Version For Android

Max Bradshaw: Zombie Invasion v1.02 Paid Apk For Android

Max Bradshaw: Zombie Invasion is an action game for Android
Google Play Price : $3.96
Google Play Rating : 4.8
Google Play Downloads : 10
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Max Bradshaw: Zombie Invasion is an awesome zombie shooting game for android device.Meet Max Bradshaw, intrepid adventurer and all around hero. Then help him save the world from a zombie invasion in this modern action adventure game designed to bring back some of those classic gaming feelings.Did you miss the zombie shooter? Well we have good news, the next project in this genre. However, despite the apparent overabundance of games of this direction today's game called Max Bradshaw: Zombie Invasion deserves attention. Deadly virus broke free and began to roam the planet turning people into the walking dead. You have to play the role of a fearless adventurer named Max Bradshaw, who volunteered to help humanity to destroy the virus. Yes, the plot does not shine with originality. You should start with the fact that you have to play it in perspective, moving around the world to perform the job and destroy zombies. The developers will give players the ability to use machines, tanks and even aircraft.
Max Bradshaw: Zombie Invasion v1.02 Paid Apk For Android

Download Max Bradshaw: Zombie Invasion Apk v1.03 Latest Version For Android

  • - Battle zombies with intuitive touch screen controls!
  • - Drive cars!
  • - Blow things up with tanks!
  • - Fly helicopters!
  • - Rescue scientists!
  • - Save the world!
Max Bradshaw: Zombie Invasion v1.02 Paid Apk For Android
Requires : Android 2.3 and up
Size : 84 mb
Version : 1.03
How to install:
-Download apk from Androidpureapk
-Install The apk
-Run the App
-And enjoy it

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