Lost Journey Mod Apk Download v1.1.1

Lost Journey Mod Apk

Lost Journey Apk is an adventure game for Android
Google Play Price : $0.99
Google Play Rating : 4.1
Google Play Store Apk Downloads : 5000
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Lost Journey is a great award winning adventure game for android smartphone.Young independent studio DreamSky in its history, has released only a few game projects, but the game called Lost Journey has become the most anticipated projects of the year. Initially, Lost Journey entered the iOS platform, and then came the turn of Android devices. It is worth noting that the game is really worthy of attention.
Lost Journey plot develops around a little girl named Jennifer, to which is an angel and sends the main character in this difficult journey in search of memories. As you progress through Jennifer collects fragments of memories, while facing many difficulties, including the unpleasant events of the past. But the power of the spirit and joyful memories heroine pushing forward to meet the dream.
Lost Journey Mod Apk

Lost Journey Mod Apk Download v1.1.1 For Android

  • One of the best puzzle based adventure game
  • Lost Journey win lot's of reward like : IndiePlay Best Mobile Game, 2014's most anticipated ID @ Xbox game etc.
  • You have to help a girl named Jennifer to find happiness
  • This game has a superb storyline
  • Has a very colorful graphics and animation
  • Great physics control
  • And awesome music
Lost Journey Mod Apk
Requires : Android 2.3 and up
Size : 29 mb
Version : 1.1.1
How to install:
-Download apk from Androidpureapk
-Download data from Androidpureapk
-First Install The apk
-Then Extract the data : via File explorar or Rar apk Or Via Computer
-Then Paste Obb Data : Sdcard/Android/Obb
-Run the game
-And enjoy it

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