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Mafia 3: Rivals Apk Download v1.0.0.215779 Latest Version For Android

Mafia 3: Rivals Apk

Mafia 3: Rivals Apk is a role playing game For Android
Google Play Store Apk Rating : 3.8
Google Play Store Apk Downloads : 100,000
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Steal, seize, and slaughter for control of New Bordeaux in Mafia III: Rivals, a brand new battle RPG set in the violent and gritty universe of Mafia III.

Be the boss and assemble your crime family. Outfit your characters with brutal weapons, items, vehicles, and stake your claim over local businesses. As your power grows, so does your stake in the criminal underworld. Own the city.
Mafia 3: Rivals Apk

Mafia 3: Rivals Apk Download v1.0.0.215779 For Android


Scare up the New Bordeaux criminal underground and mobilize it for your own gain. Recruit and level up the skills of 40 crime bosses from the Mafia III universe and make a killing with the most dominant mob family in New Bordeaux.

Face off against waves of rival gangs in brutal RPG-style combat and collect loot in battles throughout New Bordeaux’s colorful Downtown District.

Outfit your crew with guns, knives, body armor, brass knuckles, era-inspired cars, and more to boost their stats and prepare them for battle.

Battle other players around the world to improve your rep in strategic fights that'll prove who's got the better crime family.
Mafia 3: Rivals Apk

Mafia 3: Rivals Apk Informations

Requires : Android 4.0 and up
Size : 44 mb
Version :
How to install:
-Download apk from Androidpureapk
-Install The apk
-Run the App
-And enjoy it
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