Overlive: Zombie Survival RPG Apk Download paid v4.4 Latest Version For Android

Overlive: Zombie Survival RPG Apk

Overlive: Zombie Survival RPG Apk is a role playing game for Android
Google Play Store Apk Price : $2.30
Google Play Store Apk Rating : 4.3
Google Play Store Apk Downloads : 5,000
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Your family is dead. The Government has dissolved. The city is overrun with the infected.

Choose what to do each day and escape before your city is wiped out! Train skills, find gear, improve your home, explore the city, defeat your enemies, adopt pets, and make hundreds of tough life and death decisions with lots of consequence!
Overlive: Zombie Survival RPG Paid Apk

Overlive: Zombie Survival RPG Apk Download paid v4.4 For Android


+ Survive the zombie apocalypse and escape your zombie infested city before time runs out! Overlive's core gameplay is exploring the city and uncovering the story in the style of a "choose your path" interactive story gamebook. Survive by exploring 18 locations and finding one of 8 possible endings!

+ There are 1000s of unique and professionally written events to encounter and even more tough decisions to make! All decisions have consequence; small decisions early in the game can have profound effects later! Meet other survivors and help or exploit them. Plenty of moral decisions will question how far you would go to survive and affect your final score... can you survive without losing yourself?

+ Grow your character as you see fit! Train 9 different skills (melee, firearms, explosives, grappling, stealth, lockpicking, engineering, perception, computers) to overcome obstacles during exploration. Specialize or generalize, fight or bypass bosses, and use your skills to achieve the best ending! Be a stealthy computer hacker or a guns blazing pyromaniac – you decide!
Overlive: Zombie Survival RPG Apk Download Paid

Overlive: Zombie Survival RPG Apk

Requires : Android 2.3 and up
Size : 90 mb
Version : 4.4
How to install:
-Download apk from Androidpureapk
-Install The apk
-Run the App
-And enjoy it

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