Naruto Apk Mod v1.3 Latest Version For Android

Naruto Apk is an action game for Android
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The game is developed in some fantastic 1080p 3D graphics which really take you in a spellbound fantasy. This game is going to retell the famous Naruto Shippuden storyline with all the characters you love to see. Many of the features are returning in the game which you will love to see such as Wall Running feature. But there is a modification in this feature, previously if one player climbed the wall the other opponent also had to climb to fight but now other player can fight him while on ground. There is a new feature included in this game which is Leader Swap; in this feature you can switch your leader or the main character with the supporting characters. All in all this game is very true to its hype and you will surely love it.

Download Naruto Apk Mod v1.3 Latest Version For Android


-An excitiing take on the famous Naruto Anime.

-Latest addition in the world acclaimed Storm franchise.

-Developed in fantastic 1080p 3D graphics.

-Wall Running feature has returned.

-Leader Swap feature included.
Requires : Android 4.0 and up
Size : 77 mb
Version : 1.3
How to install:
-Download apk from Androidpureapk
-Install The apk
-Run the App
-And enjoy it

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